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The GDP is a worthless metric

When measuring mountains we obviously consider the height, which would be the height from sea level, but another metric often talked about is prominence. Prominence refers to the mountains height compared to the surrounding area. If you are sitting 5000ft above sea level and climb a 100ft hill then did you climb a 5100ft mountain? The GDP is a lot like talking about the height of a mountain instead of the prominence, it tells you something, but maybe not what you’re thinking it does.

There’s been a fundamental shift in our thinking about economics that is highly beneficial to the ruling class. Whether this was socially engineered on purpose or accidental I’m not sure, but it’s a clear deviation from the original meaning.

Right now people(myself included) will say “the economy is doing good” and think that that means something to them when it might not at all. We are tracking “the economy” like it’s this entity outside of ourselves using metrics like GDP, DOW, Nasdaq, Nascar etc… This is an inversion of the original meaning.

Economy comes from the greek oikonomia - oikos (house) and nemein(manage). When greeks said the oikonomia was doing well they just meant they had a tidy home and plenty of bread and honey. The focus was on the smallest unit in the nation rather than on some abstract concept that may or may not affect you.

A self sufficient homesteader is completely unaffected by “the economy”. Those of us in normal jobs are tied to it’s fate to some degree, but “the economy” thriving does not mean that our own individual oikonomias are doing well.

One example of this would be GDP. GDP might reflect the quality of life of households if it were in a static nation state, but it is not a good measurement whatsoever when you have mass immigration. GDP or Gross Domestic Product is just a measure of what a country can produce in a year. Assuming that immigrants efforts contribute even 1 dollar to the GDP then mass immigration will increase the GDP, which will appear good, but when the immigration tap is left on then it exhibits a downward pressure on wages. That’s a very basic law of supply and demand. Lots of low skill workers being available will inevitably drop the price of labor of a nation.

There was a day when an average construction worker could support a family doing just that. Those days are gone unless you live in the poorest of conditions and most likely your wife will have to work as well.

Beyond migration, women’s liberation movements also have helped to keep wages nice and low for many jobs. Supply and demand is a fundamental law so when women dove into the workforce they lowered the wages of everyone else. This liberation has created a lot of unhappy wage slaves.

I can’t find the tweet, but a great example of this was a young woman who tweeted essentially

“Whose bright idea was it to fight for my right(now need) to work all day in a padded cell(cubicle).”

If you hadn’t put this together before then this may make you sad, but in reality the consciousness of this reality is how we fix the problem.

And as the tweet I paraphrased highlights, people are beginning to see through the lie. Some will cling to that hell that we have been given, but that doesn’t have to be my life and it doesnt have to be yours.